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Spaceheadz: New! Fresh Scent, Long Lasting!

Spaceheadz (Simon & Schuster Books for Young Readers, $14.99, ages 7-10)

9781416979517Today’s review comes courtesy of Coleman, my 9 year-old son, who loves Abbott and Costello, playing LEGO, reading, Club Penguin, Pokemon, Bakugan, inventing and bike riding.

This new book by Jon Scieszka, made extra-strength by Francesco Sedita and illustrated by Shane Prigmore is about a few kids trying to fit in. Seems regular right? Wrong! Two out of three and a hamster are aliens called SPHDZ. (SPHDZ = Spaceheadz)!!

The SPHDZ characters’ names are Bob, Jennifer, and Major Fluffy. They come from a different planet and they believe EVERYTHING they see on television. And they saw a boy’s commercial and it said,” I can do anything!” It only was a commercial…but…they believed it. The boy in the commercial and in real life who helps the SPHDZ is named Michael K. (It’s weird I know.) And the Antialienagency (AAA for short) is trying to catch the SPHDZ. The book basically gets stranger and stranger the more you continue to read and despite the 38 chapters…it seems to have gone by quickly because I basically could not put the book down. The hysterical illustrations also kept me glued to every page. Plus, since you won’t want the book to end, there are also two very cool websites you can visit (see below)! Oh and some good news – this is only book #1- so if you are hooked like me, there’s more fun to look forward to when the next in the series comes out. Here are the links:
Thank you for reading this!

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