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Mo Smells Green, A Scentsational Journey


Aromas aplenty as Mo goes a roamin’!!

If you’re not already familiar with the marvelous Mo series of books about a dog who smells colors through his nose, MO SMELLS GREEN is the perfect place to start.

This Earth Day, celebrate all the wonderful shades and scents of green that surround us and then actually smell them at the end of the book. A clever and creative collaboration with Aura Cacia 100% pure essential oils aromatherapy, allows the publisher to introduce this delightful smelling concept to children. Kids will also enjoy the easy to turn cut-out pages as well as the alluring scent of the outdoors getting closer and closer as they approach the story’s end.

body_fixp16_r212Written by Margaret Hyde with illustrations by Amanda Giacomini, Mo Smells Green puts the fun Press 2 Smelly experience at kids’ fingertips while sharing the “immense beauty of our planet” via an adorable story about a dog’s day out exploring nature.

Parents and children alike will appreciate the opportunity a read through of this book provides as it opens the door for body_fixp16_r218discussion of our planet and the precious gift of life it gives us all. Mo’s “scentsational journey” is really just a starting point (or companion) for your own family’s fruitful forays in the forests and woods, parks and meadows where we live.

Here are the scents that you will experience when reading Mo Smells Green:

body_fixp16_r219Grass: A combination of lemongrass, sweet basil along with a hint of bergamot essential oil.

Lime: Fresh and juicy, this uplifting scent is derived from cold-pressed lime peels.

The aroma of peppermint and spearmint combine to make invigorating and cooling aromatherapy benefits.

Life: The essence of all-things Earth, a woodsy, earthy aroma that combines frankincense, Atlas and Texas cedarwoods.

mosmellsblue_coverMo Cares! A portion of the proceeds from Mo Smells Green will go to to Best Friends Animal Society and support their initiatives to work with humane groups across the country. And through Friends of Mo events Mo’s Nose is dedicated to teaching kids to connect philanthropy and fun.

Look out for more Mo fun when Mo Smells Blue comes out this summer.

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