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Fun Flap Books

kierananddaddyThese books were reviewed by Heather, a physical therapist and former L.A. mom recently relocated to Manhattan. Daughter Kieran is 2 1/2 years old and new big sister to Brendan. One of her favorite activities is storytime with mommy and daddy and she especially likes to the question “Why?” with each turn of the page.

9780340931936Who Is It? is a series of three, fun flap-style books by Helen Jackson (Hodder & Stoughton/Hodder Children’s, ages 3-5) that will keep your toddler guessing!

With subtitles such as It’s a Princess!, It’s a Spaceman! and It’s the Three Little Pigs!, there is a book to please every little tot. While my toddler hasn’t been introduced to many mainstream characters or the storylines presented in the latter, identifying Snow White or Cinderella is still a bit of a challenge. She subsequently gravitates to the other two books, which feature more generic characters such as a ballet dancer or a pirate. Each page 9780340931974provides five short clues with simple illustrations leading to the identity of the mystery character. Kieran loves to tap her chin as she ponders each clue, such as “She eats a bowl of porridge,”“He wears an eyepatch” or “She wears a golden halo.” Each set of clues leads to the flap that she enjoys opening to reveal them. It also features textures such as the tulle of a tutu, the velvet of Little Red Riding Hood’s cloak and the scaly green skin of an alien to further peak my little one’s interest.

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