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National Math Day is THIS SUNDAY, March 14th!

In honor of National Math Day, here’s a book that gives new meaning to number crunchers!

1Tyrannosaurus Math by Michelle Markel, with illustrations by Doug Cushman ($15.99, Tricycle Press, ages 6-9) is a fun new way for kids to explore mathematics. Fifteen math problems including numbers sentences, skip-counting and symmetry are explained courtesy of T-Math. Counting and problem-solving his way through this colorful book, T-Math makes this often vexing subject look easy (and whoever thought dinosaurs were brainy?). Join T-Math, his family and friends for a lively look at all sorts of math problems. The end page features Tyrannosaurus Math Skills, a handy review page of all the topics covered by the clever, claw-footed creature.

Make sure to visit the publisher’s Web site for an author interview and an excerpt from the book.

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