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A Snowflake & A Chicken Dance

We may be about to ‘spring forward’ this weekend, but I thought there was still time to get one last snowflake in there! Guest reviewer Michael is a 6-year old boy from Virginia. A proud Tiger scout, Michael also enjoys soccer and playing the piano. Michael has reviewed The Smallest Snowflake and Chicken Dance.

37190265I really liked The Smallest Snowflake ($16.95, NorthSouth Books, ages 3-8) written by Bernadette Watts with illustrations by Edith M B. B. All of the snowflakes found their home. The Smallest Snowflake had a hard time finding a special home. I thought the pictures were pretty.

39185208Chicken Dance, ($14.95, Sterling Press, ages 4-7) written by Tammi Sauer, illustrated by Dan Santat was really funny. I liked the pictures. The chickens do dances to win a contest. No one thinks they can win. The chickens try very hard. Everyone is proud of them.39188178

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