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So Many Questions!


It’s obvious that Dr. Stephen Law, the author of Really, Really Big Questions: About Life, the Universe and Everything, (Roaring Book Press) wrote this book just for me. After all, my husband often says of my curiosity, “Why did I marry Andy Rooney?” I just like to ponder things I don’t understand and then dig for the answers, question the data and look for the truth. And if your child is one who asks you relentless questions, then you’ve got to get this book.

I love that the cover of Really, Really Big Questions is made to look worn. When you open it up you will see big titles, colorful paper and simple yet bold illustrations. The purpose of the book is to address “The biggest and strangest questions of all.” Can you bend a spoon with your mind? Can I make something true by believing it? Did we all used to be monkeys?

The author will really make you think as you read. In fact the answers are not really answers, rather they are “ponderables” to make you think long and hard about what you are asking. And there is a great sense of humor amongst the discussions here. Sometimes we will learn that the problem lies in the question itself, rather than the answer. For example, “Can I think about nothing?” Go ahead, you try to think about nothing. Well, can you?

My favorite children’s books are ones that parents and grandparents enjoy reading as much as kids do. This is the kind of book where you read one chapter and then discuss your thoughts in detail. It’s the kind of book that gets your mind rolling, and you won’t be able to stop it. I am still stuck on the question “What is the meaning of life?” where Dr. Law has the reader imagining that his or her purpose in life to clean alien underwear and love doing it. Don’t worry. You’ll “get it” when you read it for yourself.

debbiegladeDebbie Glade, today’s guest reviewer, is the author, illustrator and voice talent of the award-winning children’s picture book The Travel Adventures of Lilly P Badilly: Costa Rica, published by Smart Poodle Publishing. She visits South Florida schools with her reading, writing and geography programs. For years, Debbie was a travel writer for luxury cruise lines. She writes parenting articles for various websites and is the Geography Awareness Editor for She blogs daily at

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