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Milo’s Special Words

dsc08201These books were reviewed by Heather, a physical therapist and former L.A. mom recently relocated to Manhattan. Kieran is almost 2 1/2 years old and soon to be a big sister. One of her favorite activities is storytime with mommy and daddy and she especially likes to question “Why?” with each turn of the page.

Getting this book to review could not have been more timely. My daughter, Kieran has recently taken to placing orders with us rather than saying the preferred “please,” “thank you,” and “you’re welcome.” Milo’s Special Words (Robin Corey Books from Random House) by Charise Mericle Harper features Milo, a little toddler cat thirsty for milk. However, his mommy (who 2happens to be a bunny) won’t get it unless he uses those magic words. With the assistance of his little sister, Lucy (a puppy), he is able to ask nicely and enjoy his milk. Kieran loves to sit down and read this book with us, which is great to further reinforce her learning of these good manners. This is an interactive book that includes flaps and wheels. I like that although it has these features, they are not on every page. This allows her to enjoy the story with me, rather than focusing on flipping the flap or turning the wheels right away. Her favorite page is helping the mommy “do the laundry” by spinning the large wheel. She looks up at me every time and asks “Why I am helping the mommy do the laundry?” Yet another good act I hope she continues.

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