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Amelia Rules

mailAmelia Rules! The Whole World’s Crazy by Jimmy Gownley is reviewed today by Ellen, a fifth grader from Pasadena, CA. Ellen likes to dance, write and draw.

51tsn05nx9l_ss500_What a great book! This graphic novel/comic book-style story is about a girl named Amelia who has crazy adventures and fun times. She and her friends, Rhonda,
Reggie, and Pajamaman, go camping with Amelia’s dad, have an awesome Christmas, try to find out if Santa’s real or not, go trick or treating, and survive hard gym class. As you may have guessed, I cannot say it enough, “This book was hysterical!” (Editor’s Note:  Originally self-published and now picked up by Atheneum/Simon & Schuster, this book is recommended for ages 7-12)

What makes this book so totally readable is the fact that Pajamaman always wears pajamas and sometimes when his emotion changes an emote icon changes on his pajamas. Also, in one story, Rhonda is in gym class and throws a ball, almost killing a girl named Violet. This was such a clever, humorous book that I want to read the second one!

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