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Hi! Fly Guy

Hi! Fly Guy, by Tedd Arnold from Scholastic is reviewed by Trevor, age 6.
picture-536Trevor, from Long Beach, is currently a first grader
and has previously reviewed books in Good Reads With Ronna.

This is Fly Guy! Is he a pest or is he a pet?

images-1This book was about a boy (Buzz) who wanted to put a fly into a pet show. But, the judges said flies are pests not pets! Buzz had to show the judges how smart the fly was. I liked this book because the fly got into the pet show. The little guy won. The pictures are funny and good. I would recommend this book to my friends.

Parent note: This Level 2 book was perfect for the 1st-2nd grade reading level. We had a lot of fun repeatedly saying “pests” and “pets” as fast as we could. This book helps practicing “-st” pronunciation.

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