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Welcome to Spookleville! Contest

spooklesincolour1I’m excited to be offering readers of my exclusive Halloween Book Roundup at a chance to enter this creepy and cool contest courtesy of Spookles, a new series of monsterously funny books from Colleen Wenn. I’ll be giving away two sets of 12 books each worth a total of $59.88 so please click here for your chance to win and remember to put “Spookles Contest” in the subject line. The contest ends on October 26 so enter now. Contest rules are available by clicking here. Read below to see a sample from my roundup which doubles as a review of this frighteningly fun new series.

Meet The Spookles

booksSold individually with various sub-titles such as “Dracula’s Peace Treat-y” or in sets, this new series, Spookles, (Available on or, $4.99; ages 4-10) by Colleen Wenn and illustrated by her son Daniel Wenn along with Maciej Janczak, is reminiscent of the Mr. Men series, only geared for Halloween and slightly more sophisticated and quirky. There are almost a dozen different characters who inhabit the happy town of Spookleville including wrapped up, mummy-like Rapper, the adorable cupcake loving Drool and Bolts who, as his name implies, has his head held together with metal fasteners. Try one or try them all for some fun, monsterful moments.

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