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Let’s Do Nothing

danny-graduationLet’s Do Nothing by Tony Fucile is reviewed by frequent “Good Reads With Ronna” contributor, Erin Lewis-Morris. Erin is a wife, a third grade teacher as well as the the mother of two sons, ages 10 and 13 years old. Reading, and creating fun, learning experiences based on books are her passions. She also enjoys running, baking, the beach and hiking in local mountains.

0763634409medIt is that time in the summer when camps are over, video games have been played, the pool is no longer fun and the kids are bored. The timeless shouts of, “MOOOOMMMMMM there is NOTHING to DO,” echo across the years and out of our children’s mouths. Let’s Do Nothing, a wonderful new picture book by Tony Fucile, might help solve the boredom blues. Tony Fucile, an animator for Disney on such beloved movies as Finding Nemo and The Incredibles, delightfully brings to life two boys who have done everything there is to do. 0763634409int1The boys attempt to spend just 10 seconds doing nothing and find that doing nothing is much more challenging than they expected. While doing nothing, their imaginations take over, hopefully encouraging our own children to dive into their creative minds and find something to do as the summer draws to a close.

Editor’s Note: Read an interview with the author by clicking here.

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