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The Rules on True Friendship

1Third-grader and guest reviewer Hazel is back, this time with some very positive words on Portia’s Exclusive and Confidential Rules on True Friendship by Anna Hays. Hazel is pictured to the right with her dog, Luvey.

Characters: Portia, Misty, Amy, Indigo, and Patch

9781416978060Summary: Portia is a normal girl but, also a detective. In this story she tries to find her missing father Patch. She also tries to find out why the new girl at school, Misty, loves animals so much and goes through a lot of challenges to find out why she is so obsessed with animals.

Author’s Point of View: The author wrote this book for kids who want to know things about true friendship.

What I Thought: I thought it was a great book and I sure learned more on true friendship! At the beginning Amy didn’t like Misty and got jealous because she thought Portia and Misty were better friends than Amy and Portia were. Then at the end all of them became friends because Amy found out it was a detective project all along. When Misty walked into her new class her locket flew open and out came her pet spider, Chester. See she loves animals!

Indigo is Portia’s mom who owns an organic market and is working on recipes for pomegranates. Indigo likes to help Portia fix her friendship problems. Like when Portia thought she was going to lose her best friend, Amy, over the jealousy with Misty. Pomegranate cake was her best invention!

I learned that talking it out with your friends will help get the feelings and sadness out of your head.

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