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A Crazy Day at the Critter Cafe

Guest reviewers today are a brother and sister team, Isabella and Andrew from San Gabriel Valley, California.

c_1416939148The book, A Crazy Day at the Critter Café written by Barbara Odanaka and illustrated by Lee White, was about a quiet morning the cook and the waiter were having…until a loud and hungry bunch of critters barge through the café doors. Dozens of demanding animals squawk, yip, screech, and holler to let the cook and waiter know how hungry they are. The chef and cook try so hard to make the animals happy but they are unsuccessful in their attempts as all the animals do is complain about how their meals are too hot, too cold, or too sticky! Just when it couldn’t get any crazier at the café, Cow rides in on her skateboard and causes the biggest commotion yet! Read A Crazy Day at the Critter Café to find out how this once quiet day ends for the cook and chef.

What a great book! This outrageous story was so funny that we wanted to read it again (and we did)! We loved all the detail in the colorful pictures and the funny expressions on the animals’ faces. This is a great book for anyone who likes silly stories.

Parent Note: This was a rhyming book, which my children loved. The rhyme kept the story fast paced and added to the silliness. I give this book a resounding thumbs up!

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