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Something’s Afoot in New Skelly & Femur Book

picture-536Skelly & Femur, by Jimmy Pickering from Simon & Schuster Books for Young Readers
is reviewed by Trevor, age 6. Trevor is entering 1st grade in Long Beach and has previously
reviewed for Good Reads With Ronna.

9781416971436Many things go missing in Skelly Manor. Where has everything gone?

The main characters are a skeleton girl, Skelly and her dog. I liked figuring out what happened. This is a story that maaaaybe (sic) could happen. The illustrations were colorful and really looked beautiful and cute. I liked them. I would tell all my friends to read this book and I would read a lot more from this author.

Parent Note: The illustrations were quite good. Trevor paused at each page to look carefully at the details before reading aloud the fairly easy words. It was fun to try and figure out what happened, but the ending wasn’t really on anybody’s radar.

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