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Some Very Good Books


I am Debbie Paquette from Hanson, MA. I decided to be a stay at home mom once I had my twins. Connor and Kayleen are 4 years old. We love to keep busy between cheerleading, hockey, music, story times and preschool. Our favorite place to hang out is at a library so we frequent several local libraries in order to have some variety. 07-29-2009-015We read in the mornings if they have evening activities otherwise we read at bed time. I love to search the Internet while they nap for local children’s activities that we can participate in and attend. We are always on the go, but this allows us to try new things.

Time for Bed Little One by Caroline Pitcher, with illustrations by Tina Macnaughton from Good Books.
timeforbedlittleone My children loved the illustrations in this book, they had to look at the book several times to make sure they didn’t miss anything in the pictures. It is a great book to read at nap time as well as bedtime. When we read the
book for a second time, my kids who are both 4 years old, wanted to talk
about nocturnal animals. It turned into a great learning tool. I joke that my kids are napturnal, sometimes its hard to take a nap when you feel like everyone else is playing. The story also shows kids that even when you think you are different there are others out there just like you.

Tom’s Tree by Gillian Shields from Good Books.
My kids enjoyed this book. My 4 year old son enjoyed Ned’s dreams of what
37923951 could become of his tree. I liked that it teaches kids about perseverance. Not everything provides instant gratification. What you do today can have an impact on tomorrow. My kids wanted to go out and plant a tree for their children to have. I am not sure they fully understood that concept, but it was cute to hear. It sparked their imaginations as they have had conversations between the two of them as to what they would do with their trees.

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