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A Different Kind of Dust Bunny

courtneyCourtney is an energetic 5 year-old. She loves animals, play-dates, gymnastics, and ballet. She will be entering Kindergarten in the fall.
The book Courtney read (with help from her Dad, Jim) was rhyming dust bunnies by jan thomas. To quote Courtney’s father, “My daughter doesn’t capitalize her title or name, why should I?”

Summing up the book in a nutshell, Courtney said, “It’s funny. Bob is really funny.”

9781416979760Rhyming Dust Bunnies is the mesmerizing tale of four ill fated dust bunnies and their attempt to escape capture. The story teaches rhyme in an entertaining and approachable manner for the 3 to 5 year-old age bracket. It is Hilarious to the same age group.
It is best read in multiple voices—very loud.
The book also does a very good job of demonstrating rhyme and situational urgency. It reminds us that dust bunnies just want to have fun, but Bob is there as a grounding force to observe and report to us the world we live in.

Have fun with this book as we did. You can use various voices for the different characters as you read. The story is engaging, and encourages multiple readings. Word choice and subject matter are also appropriate for ages 4 and up. Courtney was pointing out words and “reading” along.

If you couldn’t guess, we STRONGLY recommend rhyming dust bunnies!

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