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From Mousehole to Grand Hotel

pip_grandhotelPip in The Grand Hotel by Johannes Hucke and illustrated by Daniel Muller is reviewed by Julia Claire. She’s  a soon-to-be 3rd grader from the San Gabriel Valley of California who especially loves reading about animals because she wants to be a veterinarian when she grows up.

I really think this is a good book because it left you thinking “Okay, what will Pip do next?” Also, the illustrations were AWESOME! I think the illustrator put good detail in all of the pictures and the author did a great job of describing Pip (who is a pet mouse that escapes his owner, Mary, and travels all around a big hotel). You could probably tell that he was trying to say that Pip was a good fella, but he was also pretty sneaky. Oh, and he could easily win a game of hide-n-seek. However, I would have preferred a different title than Pip in the Grand Hotel because to me the author mostly described Pip’s adventures like he was in a food court. I did learn all about the places in a hotel, though. All that food just made me hungry! Other than that it was a good book and if I could give it a grade it would be a B+.

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