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The Benefits of Bath Time

Fairly new father, Sean Burgess, shares his impressions of some bath time products for us:

9781934706305_detailWhen I was handed Simms Taback’s Bath Time Gift Set I first thought,”books in the bathtub?” Traditionally, when I think of bath toys, I think rubber ducky, spongy type letters, maybe even bath crayons. Definitely not books. After closer review and a test run at bath time, I found a lot of color, personality and especially movement brought to our bath time fun.

img_5632Simms Taback’s Bath Time Gift Set brings distinctive, joyful animal illustrations to the bath! Kids are invited to swish like a fish, bark like a seal, smile like a porpoise, and wriggle like an eel. The book comes packaged with a plastic crocodile puppet, and a “baby” finger puppet for the child to use. Teagan insists on having this set as part of her bathing ritual. A little more water ends up outside the tub every time she swims like a fish. But the extra cleanup is worth it knowing how much more fun and interaction is included at bath time.

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