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Standing Up to Bullies

Erin, our guest reviewer today, is a first grader who loves to read books. She lives with her parents and her older brother Connor in the San Gabriel Valley. Her favorite books are about adventure and mysteries. Erin also likes to act out the books she has read for fun.

9780689861871Bullies Never Win by Margery Cuyler and illustrated by Arthur Howard is a good book. It teaches you an important lesson about standing up to bullies.

Jessica is the main character and she is not mean. You see Jessica is a “worrier” and she is scared of a certain bully called Brenda Bailey at school. The bully calls Jessica “toothpick legs” when she wears skirts. Another nasty thing she does is that when Jessica gets a good grade on her homework, Brenda tells Jessica that she must have cheated. It was hard, but finally Jessica stands up to the bully and never gets bothered again.

The pictures in the book are perfect because they really show Jessica getting more and more angry along with the story. Then, when Jessica stands up for herself, Brenda Bailey begins to look more and more nice. I liked this book and I think all of the kids at my school should read it!


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