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The Cow That Was The Best Moo-ther

9780061664724Harper Collins brings you The Cow That Was The Best Moo-ther by Andy Cutbill with illustrations by Russel Ayto for children ages 4-8. This book is a follow-up to Cutbill and Ayto’s first book, The Cow that Laid an Egg!

Bold and brilliant illustrations pull you into each page to join Marjorie the cow as she pursues an opportunity to enter her baby Daisy into a Beautiful Baby Contest.

Remember however that the sign reads CONTEST STRICTLY FOR COWS.THE BEST COW Ints. US SALES

While moms practiced with the baby cows to prepare them for the big event, Daisy, hatched from an egg, preferred to hang out with the chickens. Despite rampant Mom cow gossip about little Daisy not meeting developmental milestones such as talking or chewing cud, Daisy’s mom Marjorie kept up her spirits.

The contest proved disasterous when it was declared by the Farmer’s wife that Daisy was a chicken and therefore ineligible. But chicken or cow, Daisy was Marjorie’s daughter whom she loved her with all her heart. And Mom Marjorie clearly wins in another way as Bull Derek awards her “Best In Show.”

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