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A Butterfly Fable

The school year may be over for teacher Therese Louk who we welcome back as today’s guest reviewer, but she’s always on the lookout for great books to read to her students:

33663825Spring has sprung and with it come butterflies.  I read Adios Oscar!: A Butterfly Fable by Peter Elwell to my second grade class and had rave reviews from each student.  They laughed and enjoyed the story of Oscar’s adventures.  There is a great message embedded in the story to always try to achieve your dreams.  There were many favorite parts in the story from the students.  Ask your child which part is his/her favorite.  It may change each time your read it.
Oscar is a curious caterpillar who meets a beautiful Monarch butterfly on his way to Mexico.  Oscar is so intrigued by the lovely wings on the butterfly.  After conversing with Bob (the beautiful butterfly), Oscar decides it is time for him to do some research on his own to find out if he truly will grow wings.

Enter Edna
Edna, the reliable bookworm, introduces Oscar to the most fabulous library to research any topic he would like.  He becomes convinced he will become a beautiful butterfly and fly to Mexico.  He begins to learn Spanish tp prepare to talk to the other bugs when he gets Mexico.
Oscar soon goes through his metamorphosis stage dreaming of beautiful wings.  When he wakes up, he knows he has wings and is very excited.  It isn’t until Oscar sees himself in a mirror that he discovers he is not a butterfly but a moth.  Oscar doesn’t let anything stop his spirits.  He continues on his venture to get to Mexico and be with the other beautiful butterflies.
Read Adios Oscar! to find out if he gets there.
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