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Puddin’ The Yorkshire Terrier

Back again, this time to review a fun book, is my colleague, graphic artist Terresa Burgess:

nigelvtsBeing the owners of an adorable Yorkie named “Nigel,” my daughter Teagan was immediately drawn to the cover of the book, Puddin’ the Yorkshire Terrier. Teagan called out “Nigie, Nigie” and quickly flipped through the book calling out his name every time Puddin’ appeared on the page. The recommended age range for this book is 4-8, but I felt that Teagan, being older than her 20 months in so many ways, would have fun following the hippest Yorkie around town as she struts her stuff all over the city. Puddin’ shops for the latest fashions and even models them for you. We also get to experience the doggie diva dining with a pack of her closest pals. Kelli 41sssj9jnrl_sl500_aa240_Chipponeri’s cardstock creation is cut into the shape of a purse making it fun to carry to and from the bookshelf. The book also comes with canine couture stickers and a dog tag necklace just like Puddin’s. The stickers were fun, but the necklace could become a hazard for a child as young as Teagan. For now I have decided to keep Puddin’ The Yorkshire Terrier’s necklace attached to the book around her neck and told Teagan it’s just like Nigel’s collar.

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