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d-0144-1Meet today’s guest reviewer, Riley.

I am 13 years-old and am about to start 8th grade. I enjoy reading, computer games, skateboarding, the beach and playing with my dogs. Mysteries, science fiction, comedy and horror books are my favorites, but if desperate I will read just about anything. Because you never know when you will be stuck running errands with your family, I try to always have a book with me.

9780316011730_154x233The Postcard by Tony Abbott is a fantastic mystery that intertwines fact and fiction. The two main characters Jason and Dia find themselves trapped in the mystery of Nick Falcon, and whether he is real, or just another made up character in one of Emerson Beale’s story.

It starts as an average teenage boy named Jason finds himself in Florida after being flown down to help his Dad pack up his deceased grandmother’s house. When alone at the house the phone rings and someone asks “how smart are you?” The voice continues to say “you can learn many things at a desk,” and then abruptly hangs up. Jason then goes to his grandmother’s old desk and finds a postcard. The mystery then begins as Jason and Dia try to find out the truth about Nick Falcon, and Emerson Beale. As they fight the secret order of Oobarab it is a thrilling race to find out the truth. Tony Abbott is an excellent writer so if you like a good mystery this is the book for you. Abbott ties up all loose ends perfectly in an exciting conclusion.

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