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Worst-Case Scenario: Middle School

ilovereedIn her free time, guest reviewer and 6th grader Shira loves to listen to Taylor Swift, read, and text or IM her friends from camp and different sport teams. When she isn’t doing homework, she is playing cards, swimming, or talking with friends. She loves to read, especially fiction books!

The Worst Case Scenario
Survival Handbook: Middle School

By David Borgenicht, Ben H. Winters, and Robin Epstein

This book is everything a new middle schooler will need! It has tips from wardrobe emergencies to being the shortest guy in school to having your 9780811868648_normsibling attending school with you to surviving horrible haircuts! There are also super-helpful hints, like how to organize your backpack, study for tests, and survive the school dance. One of the most important things in Middle School is your locker. This is used for keeping those all important, extra in-case-of-emergency clothes and shoes, hygienic products, Chap-stick/lip gloss, and books for class. I really enjoyed the tips on how to keep your backpack and locker clean, and the tips for stopping bullies and cheaters were really good! This is a book every soon-to-be middle schooler should have.

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