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Witches and Ballet

image0011Hazel is a second grader in Southern California and lives with her two fish, Bruce & Carl, her three dogs: Betsey, Roma and Luvey (pictured), her sister Katie and brother Sam. Along with reading, Hazel loves to skateboard, cheerlead, and is looking forward to starting acting classes. Lately, she has been helping her parents in their garden. Unfortunately, she has no time to clean her room. 

Rumblewick’s Diary #1:  My Unwilling Witch Goes to Ballet School by Hiawyn Oram.


Hi my name is Hazel and this is my first book review for Good Reads With Ronna. 

9780316034722_154x233This book is about a witch named Haggy Aggy, also known as HA for short, who wants to go to ballet school.  In this story, a black cat named Rumblewick, also known as RB, is HA’s caretaker.   RB wants HA to be a normal witch. The high hags are the witches who hired RB to make HA a good, mean witch like all witches are supposed to be, but RB is not doing so well in her efforts to make HA into a normal witch.

 HA wants to be an Other Sider.  Other Siders are fancy ballet dancers.    Ha was afraid the school would not allow a witch to audition, so she acted like she was homeless.  She thought they would feel sorry for her and it worked!  Before the audition she went into the bathroom and changed into a raggedy dress.  She took off her shoes and put dirt on her face.  At the end (oops I almost ruined it for you by giving away the plot) Haggy Aggy was so happy, but you will have to read the book to find out why. When the story is over, HA decides she want to be a normal witch after all, but not that bad of one! 

I liked this book because I think it is a funny idea of a witch going to a ballet school.  RB was my favorite character because he was so funny.  I think you should read this book to see if you agree with me.

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