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Are You Just Dying For A Slice?

dsc01141From today’s guest reviewer comes a decidedly delectable good read:
My name is Vinny. I am twelve years old and I live in the the San Gabriel Valley. In my spare time, when I am not doing things like homework or studying, I enjoy reading different books. I truly enjoy horror, mystery, thriller and suspense books, rather than dull and boring ones. I also enjoy riding my bike around the neighborhood because this gives me a sense of freedom that I cannot have enough of.

51jledny1wl_sl500_aa240_The book Killer Pizza, by Greg Taylor, was a fantastic story that went in-depth to explain a boy named Toby’s experience with the monsters of the night; he always thought to be non-existent. Quickly after applying for a summer job at a run-down pizza shop, he and his two co-workers find that although the given surroundings may seem very convincing, it’s all a lie. Little does Toby and his two co-workers know, it’s all a front for the headquarters of an elite monster hunting organization. And as the three co-workers share an unbreakable bond of friendship, through thick and thin, mostly thin, their skills and abilities always seem to get them out of the worst. I thought this book served up a blazing hot slice of drama, with a cool side of suspense, and thanks to the brilliant writing of Greg Taylor, I found it more likeable. I would one hundred percent, definitely, recommend this book, without a doubt.

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