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EA Sports Active Challenge and You!

easactwiipftfrontboxGet Active!

Have you heard about EA Sports’ amazing new exercise program exclusively for Wii called EA SPORTS Active ? Or maybe you watched ELLEN last Monday go up against host Alison Sweeney as the very publicized EA SPORTS 30 Day Active Challenge drew to an end? Well today you, too, can join the exercise excitement with the release of EA SPORTS Active!

I was first introduced to this D.I.Y. fitness program back in December at EA’s Winter Gaming Wonderland and thought, “Wow! I can do this.” But like most get fit programs of late, let it sadly slide to the back burner. Then last week I had the chance to see it again and this time I tried it out. Okay, I lie, I stood right next to Jen Riley at EA as she demonstrated it for me and was SO IMPRESSED and MOTIVATED by how doable it was.

Now, you, too can embark on the 30 Day Challenge, learn 25 fun and easy exercises and activities or participate in a fitness circuit custom designed just for your individual needs. Whether you seek upper, lower, total body and cardio workouts, you can do it all and even journal your progress as you improve your routine and your health. What I got most psyched about was that it felt like with EA SPORTS Active I’d have my own personal trainer without the financial commitment. Plus, I could exercise when I wanted and wear whatever I wanted (even pajamas) and not be embarrassed about how out of shape I am. Order online today or head over to your nearest Target or Wal-Mart and get your copy before they sell out!

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