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When Sorry Seems to be the Hardest Word

p6_kungfoomarthaOkay, an informal parent poll – do you know any child who likes to apologize (or adult for that matter)? I bet my kids are not the only ones who steer clear of that five letter word which is exactly why Martha Doesn’t Say Sorry! by Samantha Berger is so very spot on. The terrific water color illustrations by Bruce Whatley add to this charming and humorous book’s appeal.

Make no mistake about it, this feisty little otter has lots to offer in lots of other ways: she gives hugs, she shares a snack (a biggie in 9780316066822_388x5861our household), but she can also get up to serious no good! And, when one day Martha oversteps her otter boundaries in a big way, she learns an important lesson from her family about taking responsibility for her behavior. Suddenly, saying, “I’m sorry” is not so scary and can even bring delicious rewards! Well done, Martha!


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