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Change is Good

mailMeet Calli Rae, today’s Guest Reviewer. She  is 15 years-old and grew up in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Calli Rae currently attends school in Sedona, Arizona.


Change the Way You See Everything For Teens from Running Press Kids, is a book all adolescents should have on hand.  It helps kids learn healthy coping skills and better ways to keep their minds healthy. Also the acronyms that are in the book make it ctwyse-teens_230x230-150x1501easier to understand the lessons the book is trying to teach. This book also helps you practice the skills by giving pages for the adolescent to reflect on. The graphics that are presented in the book also serve as good motivation because all of the kids in the pictures look happy. Overall, Change the Way You See Everything For Teens, is an inspiring and motivating book that can help many visual learning adolescents and even audio adolescents to live an all around happier life.

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