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Watch Out For Those Black Lagoons!

mail2Guest Reviewer Derek, from the San Gabriel Valley,  is a 6 year-old currently  in kindergarten. Like his brother Jared, Derek also started to read early. He likes to draw cartoons, play with Legos, and swim.

Derek has chosen to review  The New Kid from the Black Lagoon and The Class from the Black Lagoon by Mike Thaler.


61lbajtpbql_sl500_aa240_I like all the stories from Scholastic’s Black Lagoon series. My brother and I have read many Black Lagoon books. They are funny and crazy with creatures that are not real. Some creatures in these books have a pickle nose, some have Velcro skin that sticks to everything, some have laser breath, and some like to eat crayons, chalk, and erasers. The drawings of these wacky creatures are funny looking, too!

I like this part in The New Kid from the Black Lagoon book: “Maybe he’ll be a giant chicken, or a bionic turnip with three arms and four legs. If he is, then I want him on my basketball team.”

And in the The Class from the Black Lagoon book, I liked the part where the students are described like this: “Some grow two noses so they can pick them at the same time.” 02615_90Another good part is:  “And they’re always late when they come to school. But they only come when they have highly contagious diseases. When they’re healthy, they stay home.”


Both these stories are mysterious and made me want  to find out what will happen next, but I cannot tell you here.  You will find out at the end of each story.

NOTE FROM RONNA:  While the recommended age is from 9-12, it’s evident that younger children are loving this series!

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