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Horses, Hope and Friendship

mail-11Guest Reviewer Jared is a 7 year-old second grader who lives in Los Angeles with his parents and younger brother, Derek. He began reading at an early age and is known to read  for hours on end.  In addition to his love of books, Jared enjoys playing with Legos, swimming, and skiing.

When I was reading Black Diamond and Blake by Deborah Blumenthal, I did not know what was going to happen to the racehorse Black Diamond after he got injured. The book was suspenseful as described like this:

“Where were they taking him? Why was he leaving his home? Black Diamond looked back once more, then stepped inside. After the doors slammed shut, he watched through a small window as his world changed to a new home among green hills.”

I liked this book because Black Diamond does not have much pain after he gets injured. I also liked the book because he does not get slaughtered once he could no longer race. Instead he finds friendship with a boy named Blake. My mom says that the book is about hope and friendship and I agree with her. The future is better for Black Diamond and Blake because they have each other. Also, the drawings by artist Miles Hyman are very nice and they look like the paintings you would see in a museum.

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