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Secrets, Asylums and Squandered Fortunes

img_0696Holly, our Guest Reviewer today, is a ten year-old who loves to read, do karate, ice-skate, swim, and play on the Internet. She is also a Girl Scout. She likes fantasy books such as the Warriors series and The Spiderwick Chronicles. She loves to draw cartoon characters and likes to make comic strips. Her favorite color is green. Here’s some of Holly’s advice on life: First of all, don’t tell your deepest, darkest secret to any of your friends because one day they might not be your friends and they will blurt your secret to the world. Also respect all animals. Holly is a vegetarian by choice.  The book Holly has chosen to write about  from Candlewick Press is called  Secrets of Greymoor by Clara Gillow Clark.

34207125Hatte Belle Basket is a twelve year-old girl whose Mother is dead and her father is far away. She lives with her Grandmother in a large house. They are in danger of losing their wealth. They struggle with taxes (but it doesn’t seem to make a difference to Grandmother) because Hatte’s grandfather, Mr. Greymoor (who had passed away some time ago) had lost the fortune, the treasure, the family wealth. Her search for the treasure will take the reader into the world of Hatte Basket. Readers will discover through the main character that trying to be something you’re not is not such a good idea, because Hatte begins to feel very guilty after all of her dishonesty; Hatte lies to her friends and pretends to have maids, and butlers, servants and footman, when really she only has one cook.

The first couple chapters are a little slow, so if you’re looking for something that has a lot of action at the beginning, you might want to try another book. This is probably a good book for patient readers ages 9 through12, just because the plot might be a little confusing for younger readers.

All in all, this was a very good book and I think that it was really worth the trouble. While there were some very disappointing parts in this story, the ending was exceptionally good and I am glad I read it.

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