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Before Wonder Bra

The Guest Reviewer today is none other than my soon-to-be 8 year-old son, Coleman. He devoured (and so did I) Robert Crowther’s Pop-Up House of Inventions from Candlewick Press and then wrote a book report about it for his class homework assignment. When I saw 0763642533medwhat he wrote I knew I just had to include it here. Enjoy!

I just read this great pop-up book filled with facts of things around the house. Want to hear some? Then I’ll tell you some. The first brassiere was invented in Greece in 2500 B.C., the first DVD player was bought in 1996. Or maybe this will interest you: the first electric egg beater was sold in 1910. If you like learning wacky facts, I think this book would be right for you.

NOTE FROM RONNA: This book is filled with inventive room by room pop-ups such as clothing hanging in a closet, a sliding shower door, and a revolving train track. The trivia, too, is great fodder for some fun conversations! While recommended for ages 6-9, grades 1-4, consider sharing it with younger and older siblings as well and they will not be disappointed.

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