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Frequency Hopping With Ignatius McFarland

dsc_0026Editor Carolyn Graham’s 8 year-old daughter, Kate, read Paul Feig’s new book called Ignatius McFarland: Frequenaut! and had this to say about it:

I like the fact that it is about aliens and one of the bullies is based on one that bothered the author in his childhood. To have that connection and feeling is both happy and sad. On top of that, it was really fun and exciting, too. I also liked a part in the beginning when one of the first female characters arrives on the scene and how she was described like this:

ignatiusmacfarland2“I saw a shadow about 10 feet away from me. It looked like it was from a big bird in the sky above the field. I looked up to see if it was going to be something as weird as the trees and plants I was seeing and quickly realized it was even weirder than I could have imagined. Because it wasn’t a bird. It was a girl.” So I hope you like the book. Bye.

For more about Paul Feig, please check out the  exclusive extended web interview and also see our Chat Room on page 70 in the March edition.

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