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Letting Some Cute Cats Out of The Bag

Cat Cover 7x10.5 wrk DOkay, so I’m on a cat bend right now, but for good reason. Cat, by Matthew Van Fleet with photography by Brian Stanton is fancatstic! The cover alone drew me in with its little grey cat pawing at an unsuspecting goldfish swimming contentedly in a bowl (push the arrow tab and watch what happens) and the in-your-face Siamese with the soft, touchable tail. And what’s not to love about Mo, the Exotic Shorthair? I learned this big orange cat’s name along with all the others from the back inside cover where all the felines featured are pictured in frames with their best face forward. Little ones will not be able to put this book down with its clever push/pull, open/close mechanics and tactile pages. They’ll meet furry cat, bald cat, and a toy that goes squeak, a scary cat, a cute cat , a hide one and a seek. The pictures may also help you decide which breed of cat interests you if you haven’t yet chosen a little kitten for your family. I’m partial to Raja, the Bengal, whose pleading eyes shout “cuddle me now, please.” Who is your favorite?

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