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Try Not To Eat These Books

img_55551Terresa Burgess, a graphic artist here at L.A. Parent and mom to Teagan, aged 16 months, has helped review these two new fun children’s books called Books Are For Reading by Sally Becker and Duck & Goose: How Are You Feeling? by Tad Hills.

catalog_cover_100Terresa says she found Books Are For Reading to be a “clever interactive” book for babies and toddlers. They can even take a bite after they’re done reading the book because of the colored textured teethers at every corner. Short and sweet sentences guide little ones on what not to eat (e.g. Toes are for stomping, not chomping!). With its simple, but funny illustrations, this makes an enjoyable read (and eat) for the nibblers in your life. Terresa says she’d “definitely buy this as a gift for someone. ”

img_5581duckgooseThis adorable board book, Duck & Goose: How Are You Feeling? is the third book in a series. “I love the bright colorful and warm watercolor illustrations,” says Terresa. The easy to read, one word text will help young ones identify their feelings and, says our new mom, Terresa, “Parents can act out the different emotions like being patient, selfish, happy, etc.” This book provides a great way for parents to ask their kids “how are you feeling?” and let them know that it’s okay to feel frustrated or angry. The last page is both Teagan and Terresa’s favorite, LOVING. The comical team of good friends, Duck and Goose, embrace in a hug. So cute!

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