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Life As a Quilt

Stitchin’ and Pullin’ by Patricia C. McKissack, illustrated by Cozbi A. Cabrera, came out this past October and is one of those special books that all school libraries should have on hand.

stitchin-and-pullinThe women of Gee’s Bend, Alabama have kept more than their quilt making tradition alive. They have kept their culture flowing from generation to generation with the stitch of a needle, creating their own unique fabric of life. Through beautiful, touching poetic vignettes, author Patricia C. McKissack has woven together the history of Gee’s Bend now famous community of quilters whose artful works now grace the walls of museums. The vibrant illustrations by Cabrera add another attractive element to the book. Being unfamiliar with the Gee’s Bend quilters, I was grateful for both the introduction and the author’s note at the end offering insight into the story behind the book’s conception. I certainly will be on the lookout for the next time an exhibition comes to town. In celebration of Black History Month, visit our web page to learn about more great reads in our exclusive book roundup.

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