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Walk (or Pull) This Way!

loose-leashesYou may have heard that “Loose lips sink ships,” but what about loose leashes? In a rollicking good read entitled Loose Leashes, husband and wife team Amy and Ron Schmidt explore the possibilities both poetically and photographically. But before I say anymore, I recommend you check out editor Carolyn Graham’s recent blog post on Jan. 22 about her family’s newest member who, at this writing, is yet to be named. The ESCAPE-ades of her Houdini-like Lab is certainly fodder for future posts.

I recently sat down with my seven year old son, Coleman, and had such a good time together reading all the playful poems by Amy Schmidt. We both enjoyed Adventurers where some daredevil dogs chase a ball downstream. And, because he adores Chihuahuas, Coleman roared with laughter at the poem and Ron’s portrait accompanying The Battle of the Bone. In an amusing collection of haikus to limericks, 19 pooches from Beagles to Bulldogs jump off the pages and tug at your heartstrings, not to mention your leash. The funny “Furry Facts” at the end make for a fab finish, too. I give this hilarious new book a resounding two paws up!

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