Four Parenting Tips That Will Make Your Life Easier

It probably seems as though since the moment you gave birth, everyone from your family to your neighbors has an opinion on how to raise your little tike. However, many of these pieces of advice are likely outdated or simply won’t work. It is important that you find your own unique parenting style, but in the meantime I’ve put together five pieces of parenting wisdom that may help you along the way.

Allow Your Children to Fail

To learn how to be self-sufficient, your kids need to fall and learn how to pick themselves back up without their parents’ help. Many parents know that their children are capable of supporting themselves, but will step in any way to make things easier for them. When determining whether or not you need to step in, contemplate whether your girl or boy has the necessary skill set to help themselves. If so, then it is time to back off.

Know The Causes of Temper Tantrums

Temper tantrums, unfortunately, are a reality of parenting. However, by understanding what causes them, you can often stop one before it even starts. A useful key to keep in mind is the acronym H.A.L.F., which stands for Hunger, Agitation, Loneliness, and Fatigue—the leading causes of temper tantrums. Looking out for these four signs in your children can help you stop a tantrum in its tracks.

Teach Your Kids to Help Others

An important lesson for your kids to learn is that random acts of kindness should not be an every-once-in-a-while gesture but an everyday occurrence. Teach your little one to complete small acts of kindness every week that helps others in some way such as taking out the neighbor’s trash or helping their friend with homework. This helps implement gratitude into their fiber and aids in steering them clear from entitlement.

Implement a Strict Bedtime

A study published in the Pediatrics journal found that children who went to bed at irregular times developed more behavioral problems than those who went to bed at a consistent time. If you go to work every day then it may be tempting to keep your kids up so that you can spend more quality time with them. However, it is imperative to stay the course as much as possible.

By: Alizah Flesher from